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Effective Parenting Requires Partnerships In Education

It has been stated that a parent is his or her child’s first teacher. In thinking about this statement, one can conclude that it is very true. Parents generally the first people their children know, therefore from a young age a parent has an opportunity to tip the scales for academic success. A major part of the parenting role is to help prepare children for the future.

The relationship between a parent and a child’s school begins before a child starts school. Before a child goes to school, a parent can play a pivotal role in school readiness. This involves helping children develop language skills through reading to them and having meaningful conversations with them. It can be as simple as allowing a child to help prepare a  recipe so that he or she can develop the skills of following instructions. Additionally, activities such as counting the number of trees in a yard or counting other objects can help a child develop basic math skills.

Once a child starts school it is important that parents develop partnerships with teachers to assure that all are working for the best interest of children. This means that parents need to get to know teachers personally. Parent should talk with teachers and ask questions concerning what the teacher expects in the classroom. It is also important for a parent to know what a teacher’s philosophy of education might be. For example, some teachers believe in giving more homework than others. Some embrace children working in groups at a young age. These are things a parent needs to know as they form partnerships with teachers to help the child be successful in school.

Parent teacher partnerships require open communication between both parties. Parents and teachers alike should maintain contact with one another not only when a child is experiencing problems but also when a child is doing well. For a child to reap the best benefits of education, each day a parent should ask a child questions about what was learned in school. This helps a parent know if he or she needs to follow up with teachers, especially if it appears that a child is not understanding fully what is being taught.

Effective home and school partnerships are not just about being in touch with the teacher or school. It is important that parents support what teachers are trying to accomplish when children are at home. Parents can also make sure that children are studying and completing assignments at home. This means setting aside time for a child to do homework. It is important that the child have an environment free of distractions that allows him or her to concentrate on the task at hand. Even kindergarten age children can read simple books and practice writing skills at home.

As children grow older and more independent, parents still need to keep the communication lines between home and school open. Children may not want parents hovering around at school, but it is imperative that parents and teachers maintain communication to help children avoid the pitfalls that come with peer pressure and numerous extracurricular pursuits that can affect a child’s educational future.

Simple Homemade Jewelry: Textured Wool And String Bangles

paparazzi-jewelrySimple and homemade jewelry have an appeal and elegance that attracts many. You do not necessarily need to wear expensive jewelry to catch the eyes. Many stylish and trendy jewelry items can be made at home with inexpensive and leftover materials from your other projects. In this article, we will show how you can make beautiful bangle bracelets from your old and worn out plastic bangles and leftover yarn and strings from other projects.
Wool Wrap Bangles
Stylish and unique bracelets can be crafted from variegated wool yarn. The yarn can be bought at a homemade jewelry supply store or you can put it together yourself from wools from some left over yarns. Make the yarn the size of a golf ball or slightly larger. Densely wrap the wool around the plastic bangle. Pull the wool very tightly as you go, so that there is no slack at places. Overlap the wool to a few wraps when you come back at the starting point. Use a fabric glue to attach the strand of yarn to the inside of the bangle. Use a clothespin to hold the strand in place and allow it to dry. Afterwards, cut off the extra yarn. You can also use decorative ribbons in place of wool to make these bangles.
Textured String Bangles
You can make colorful and stylish bangles from left over strings from other projects. Start with attaching (with craft glue) an inch of the tail end in the inside of the bracelet. Wrap the string around the plastic bangle very densely until the bangle is covered inside out. Leave a 3″ tail and cut the string. Use a needle to thread the tail-end under strings on the inside of the bracelet to secure the wrapped strings to the bangle. If you will like a striped string bangle, alternate different colored strings as you work.
Modify on these methods to create other unique homemade jewelry items. But if you are looking for a well established jewelry franchise, check out Paparazzi Accessories on google. There are a lot of creative people and groups to get involved with.

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Even Moms Need To Understand Loans

Any modern business understands the need for a good business loan. Such a loan is basically a credit facility required by those in enterprise. The cash is needed in order to establish a basis for a business in need to purchase merchandise, stock and pay creditors. It will basically be purchased for business purposes and hence the importance of credit to business enterprises. One useful loan that businesses can apply for and receive will include the various kinds of bridge loans. Basically, a bridging loan is a cash advance provided to enterprising firms looking for large investments or a large amount of cash.

As a firm awaits cash from sources such as a substantial loan, funds from other sources or from sale of real estate, property or inventory, it can receive the bridge loans and use it as desired. As soon as the loan is received, it can be used as desired but within the business. For example, if there is a construction to be undertaken, the funds may be used to procure some of the essentials and work may begin. However, only after receipt of the significant sums of cash will substantial work begin.

As soon as the cash is received, the recipients will then get to enjoy provisions of the bridge loans from Funding Database and use the funds in the projects these were earmarked for. It is important at this stage to pay off the bridge loans at this stage so that it is not too much of a bother as business proceeds. It is important to ensure that debt is reduced when necessary and funds available used prudently. It is essential that finance experts be consulted so as to provide the best advice on the usage of the funds specifically and on how best to fund the intended project.

Why Even Moms Need Document Management Software

It is imperative for small and medium sized businesses to use document management software to reduce time wastage in sharing hardcopy documents with employees and across different departments.

Using document management software is not just about following the trend, but it is also beneficial to the business in various ways. The effects of using the software to a company’s production and performance are significantly noticeable.

With document management software, employees can retrieve documents and files easily and fast. The software can store business information and data into a networked system of all sections, offices and departments in the company. This makes it fast and convenient to share information. Users would have to browse through the system to view, share and manage information and documents.

Traditionally, business would need a lot of space to store stacks of paper record. For example, an office many need tracks, cabins, files, cupboards and other storage facilities. However, it is rare to find a huge storage space available in today’s offices. A document management software helps businesses  solve the problem of inadequate storage space. The software enables storage of thousands of file in a system; files which would otherwise be full in your office. This means you will have enough space for employees to move around the office.

Document management software also helps businesses reduce operational costs. You will not spend so much money buying duplicating papers, purchase and maintain printers, file reproduction, hiring paper records management and archiving staff, etc. Most of the files and documents will be electronic thus eliminating costs associated with hard paper.

With the increasing call on businesses to adopt green practices by eliminating excess use of paper,  having a document management software is becoming a primary need in the 21st century offices. Moreover, its cost reduction benefits make it a must-have in the office looking to keep its operational costs down.

Using The Internet To Reach People

For you to run a successful business, it is essential that you market your company and products in the right way. Internet marketing is used by most companies to promote their existence among the masses. There are numerous benefits in using internet marketing as discussed below.

It is cheaper for one to promote their company using internet marketing as the entire marketing is done on the web. You will not need to have a lot of capital for you to start internet marketing and this is the reason why also small businesses use this marketing strategy. With less capital investment, you will be earning a lot of profit through internet marketing.

Internet marketing gives your customers twenty four hours services. Regardless of it being a holiday, your customers will still be able to get access to your services. Your customer will also not leave you due to time factor. They will avail your services anytime of the day and night.

Choosing internet marketing as your marketing strategy for your business, you will be able to invite people from all over the world. There are no boundaries for you to get in touch with people in other countries. You will also be making international customers at no extra cost.

Using other types of marketing strategies, one will only be able to attend to fewer customers at a time. With internet marketing and the help of a good utah seo firm like Ontra, you will be able to get in touch with very many people and this will greatly increase the scope of your business.

With internet marketing, you will be able to tell what your potentials are, capabilities and history. Customers will have the chance to build trust in your company and in your services or products when you have your own website. As seen above, these are some of the benefits internet marketing has to offer.

Great School Fundraising Ideas

Weve all been there, had our children come home with a flyer declaring the need to go out and gather pledges of some sort to help fund any number of school projects. I remember one year it was the school playground had become very old and frankly dangerous. The elementary school had been built in the early 50′s and it came with a metal playground that more closely resembled a rusty aircraft carrier skuttle site then a childrens playground. You could get tetanus just looking at it. SO the need was clear, but the price tag was over 100 grand. A lot of that money came from the community in the form of pledges etc. Our children of course did very little they were very young, instead the responsibility fell upon us to motivate and guide our children to get pledges. Over the years Ive seen some great fund raising ideas come and go, and with the advent of the internet a lot of great information is out on the web if you know where to look. Since then I have had the chance to suggest some fundraising ideas to different school teachers and PTA groups. One of my favorite types of fundraiser that actually delivers a viable product is a beef jerky fundraiser. WHY? because its so unique, pledges feel like a drab to the end user right? And every year the various sports teams come to our door selling a “gold card” which promises all kinds of discounts, its hard to be unique which is my desire in this article, you can find a lot of different types of high school fundraising ideas at the 2 links in this article. One of the more unique ideas you will find on the website is pizza kits? Now once again my goal in this article is to try and stir your imagination, rather then do pledges where no one receives anything other then the satisfaction of a magnanimous heart, its good to give people a product, or even a thank you gift. Thats where most high school sports teams have got it right with the gold cards, people LOVE those! But you cant buy a gold card from every sports team in your school, and eventually every athletic team needs a new and unique idea for a fundraiser. SO anyway back to my story, you can see what Im getting at right? You need viable alternatives for fundraising ideas, we dont live in a utopian society yet, our schools often need fundraisers, and as parents who intent to continue to partner with them we can help, and I think one of the simplest ways is to provide creative alternatives.

One last thought and then I will leave you tonight, Ive tried most of the fundraisers you fill find at the links above. I love the pizza kits, its a great thing to do with family, I still have little children, and they love to spend and evening with mom crafting something amazing. But I must say that the Beef Jerky, is stand alone delicious, and anytime I have bought it for a school fundraiser I had wished only that I had bought more.

I love my skin today

I’ve had a problem with my knees and elbows for as long as I can remember. Even when I was in college. My roomate Gloria and I would spend countless hours getting our hair done, I wish I could go back and have my old body, I would complain less about it now that Im older. Anyway my elbows have always been a problem.

I’ve also noticed that some people are just more prone to having discoloration around their elbows or knees. My sister’s elbows are at least ten shades darker than her legs because of the friction involved in playing rough sports. However, my elbows and knees are both darker and discolored even though I’m not a “rough and tough” tomboy and I rarely go out in the sun. Maybe it’s genetics. Either way, it doesn’t look pretty. No matter which kind of loofah I use, it always looks like I don’t bother to wash my elbows. It’s always made me very conscious of my appearance and that’s why I never feel happy wearing shorts or short-sleeved tops. I haven’t even touched on my problem with in-grown hairs especially around my elbow area.

I’ve tried body scrubs before but I kept a regular routing when using Juniper Desert’s Brown Sugar Scrub. The reason I used it every day without fail is because it smells like brown sugar and it leaves a hint of the scent on my skin, which I love.

I started noticing that my in-grown hairs have also been going down. Unlike other scrubs, this one doesn’t dry out my skin. Since it’s made of natural ingredients, the brown sugar sloughs off the dead skin cells causing discoloration without causing the dryness that synthetically made washes do. I love dipping a couple of fingers in and then simply rubbing it over the problem areas. I’ve started wearing skirts again and I no longer have to check my reflection to see if my knees look too prominent.

Because of my success story with this brown sugar scrub, I started checking out Juniper Desert’s other products on their website www.juniperdesert.com. I’ve ordered Succulent Skin Serum to keep my skin rocking a dewy summer glow in the winter months and the Legend Has it Conditioner because I loved the name! I can’t wait to try these new products!

Weight Loss Feels Great

Weight Loss Feels Great

I went to the doctor’s office six months ago. My doctor told me that if I do not lose weight, he is going to have to put me on high blood pressure medication. This is not something that I am interested in learning more about. After all, I am too young to be taking a handful of pills every day. I knew that I was the only one who could change my destiny. Because of this, I decided to take my weight loss more seriously. I decided to start walking every day. Even if I only walk around the block, I am doing much better than just sitting on the couch.  I’ve been getting motivated by losing weight with people I found on a community site called WeightLossPunch.com.

Something else I have decided to do is to drink more water. I noticed that because I am drinking water, my skin is looking better. I think that beautiful skin is a necessity for people who want to look younger. I am approaching 40, and I am concerned about the way that I look. I do not want my husband to look at other women. I want him to look at me. This is why I am going to start taking better care of myself. My husband told me that he will help me with my weight loss goals. He has agreed to go walking with me every night after dinner. I think this will be a great time to spend quiet time together.

My husband told me that after I made my goal, he will take me on a cruise after he buys me a brand-new wardrobe. I am so excited that I am finally doing something about my weight. I do not want to be fat and ugly. I want to be youthful and beautiful. I am glad that I have a husband who is supportive of me. Even though he does not need to worry about weight loss, he is still going to eat healthy foods. Now, when we go out to eat, it is no longer fast food. Instead, we go to places that have a salad bar. I have more energy than I ever dreamed. I cannot believe how much better I feel even though I have only lost 20 pounds. I am on my way to looking great and feeling even better.

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Beef Jerky In Fundraisers In Schools

There are several reasons why beef jerky is very popular as a fundraising product for many fundraising activities. This type of food is called jerky since it is made out of dry beef meat. This is also a very nutrient dense snack that is considered as a stable food for many years already. It contains all the nutrients that steaks can provide; however, the beef jerky lasts even longer since it does not contain any water. This helps preserve the meat and delays its rancidity.

In addition to this, beef jerky is also packed with high protein. This is why most athletes and body builders are fond of eating this wonderful snack since it helps them build the different muscles in their body. Another reason why a lot of people would buy beef jerky is because it can last for a very long time. It can have a shelf life of up to 9 months, which is very convenient. Aside from this, beef jerky is also portable. Unlike other food sources of protein, jerky is placed inside a bag that can be carried around without any difficulty. The bag can also withstand room temperature and does not need to fill up another space insider the refrigerator.

Beef jerky fundraiser became very popular because it can generate income effectively. These days, most schools, sports team, and religious organizations make use of beef jerky as a primary product in fund raising events. Aside from the fact that a lot of people would buy the product, a bag of beef jerky is also very affordable.  This adds up to its high profit rate. Aside from protein, this nutritious snack is also packed with minerals such as zinc and iron. These nutrients are very essential in maintaining the proper condition of the immune system of the body. This makes it not only a perfect choice for a fund raising event, but as well as a great alternative to sugary and excessively salty junk foods. See www.invictusfundraisingproducts.com